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Loan and Property
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Andrew Ramirez
NMLS 839821

Andrew Ramirez has been in the financial industry since 2011 and Gentry HomeLoans since 2017, a joint venture between Central Pacific Bank and Gentry HomeLoans. As most of his clients are first-time home buyers, Andrew is adept at explaining confusing terms and setting clear expectations. As one such client writes:


“The home buying process, for the inexperienced first timer, can be a very overwhelming experience. From origination until the day we closed, our Loan Officer Andrew helped us sail through… our mortgage loan process with ease. He worked very diligently and was highly responsive to the multitude of emails and/or phone call inquiries that we had. The best part of our experience in working with Andrew is that he took a lot of the work (e.g. LOEs) out of our hands and into his own. The fact that he comes with a naturally pleasant and cool personality was an added bonus!”

Gentry HomeLoans, LLC
225 Queen Street, 6th Floor Honolulu HI 96813